For over 30 years, Greg Mayes has served families and individuals in this community. We have dedicated our lives to meeting the financial needs of our clients. For those who actually care, they can never shut off their heartfelt desire to serve. The switch never goes off. No need is too small or too great. Our clients are not treated as a business asset. They are part of the family. All it takes is a walk down the hallway of the firm to see who we are. The walls are lined with hundreds of photographs of our “extended” family. There is nothing we would not do to assist our family. Mayes Financial understands the power of values. We do not differentiate between personal and business values. We are the same in the office, at home, and in the community.


What you do when no one is looking. As a trusted advisor, we have only one goal, to build long-term relationships. The only way to do that is to prove our trustworthiness every day, in everything we do. Our conservative and instructional approach is geared to bring confidence and peace of mind to every client.


We never compromise. We work tirelessly to assist our clients. There is no second best. Our clients have come to appreciate the high level of service and results they receive. Our clients are the only people we work for. We are independent and will never answer to anyone but you.